"Build Selection" support


If you have a file open, let's say at *.cs or *.cshtml file, in Visual Studio, the "Build" menu has an option to "Build Selection". It will build the project that file is contained in. I use this a lot so I am not always having to build the entire solution.

Currently in Rider, I am having to scroll through the solution explorer to find the project, then right click "Build Selected Projects". "Build Selection" support would be so much faster.


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In the solution we are using I have to do this manually in Rider at the moment and it's a pain:

1. Alt+Shift+L (Locate in Solution Explorer).
2. Scroll up to the project node (some projects are huge).
3. Right-click on the project node.
4. Locate and click the action Build selected projects.

In VS I use a shortcut bound to Build.BuildSelection.

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I do the same as @ResonantWorks, a pain but does the job for the time being.

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I have found that if you go into the build settings of Rider and enable reshaper build, you don't have to jump through those hoops because with that turned on it will ONLY build the projects which have CHANGED files, so in essence if you have 4 projects and only change a file in project 3 it will skip projects 1 2 and 4 and only build project 3. with that option turned on it doesn't matter what file you have open the build solution command won't rebuild the projects you haven't changed and essentially will do exactly what you want :) hope this helps someone in the future. I found this while trying to figure out how to modify the build order

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I think this has now been resolved with the new 'Build Current Project' keymap shortcut.


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