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First off, great job with Rider.  I'm actually back to enjoying working with my IDE instead of fighting it.

But (always a but) there is one Visual Studio feature I can't seem to find.  In VS the top of the class file editor has a navigation bar.  It is made up of 3 different combo boxes.  The first combo shows you the project you're in; I've never been sure why it is a combo...  The second combo will show you the list of classes within the file. The third shows you the list of properties and methods within the selected class of the second combo.

The second and third combos are the ones I am interested in.  Currently in Rider I can search for the method name in a file.  However being able to quickly navigate within a file via the combos is much more preferred for the cases where you know where you want to go and you just want to get there without digging through search results.


I'd like to adamantly second this. Rider is an awesome IDE, and very few things make me happier than cleaning the M$ filth out of my life, but this single feature's absence is quite unfortunate. I've moved my mouse to the top of the window countless times in the past couple months since switching to Rider and found myself letting out an audible sigh. :(


Less than ideal option that works well as long as your classes aren't too big alt + backslash


Ah, I didn't know about that shortcut. That works for me. Thank you for the info!


Man that is sooo close to what I want.  If it could be broken down by classes within the file it would be even closer. 

The Structure pane (Ctrl+Alt+7) is honestly almost there.  If i could have an option in the Structure pane to ignore regions I would be incredibly happy.  It already breaks the file down by classes, but breaking it further down by region doesn't lend itself well to users not knowing what is in particular regions.


There are way to less votes on this one.. This is something i really want to see! Especially since all folded methods just collapse back when i reopen the file.


I'm working on a solution which has a very long history so there are many methods that are incredibly long.  Often more than 1000 rows.  It is painful when I am at middle of one of these methods and wanted to find out which method is it.  Alt + back slash and Structure Panel are good but still not able to find me the method name I'm currently at.  Any ideas?


I am going to have to vote on this one as well, I am very surprised that the file/class/method navigation drop downs are not a feature in Rider.


Hi all!.

Thank you for contacting us. We are happy to hear you enjoyed using Rider and sorry for the inconvenience. 

Here is an issue for watching. Please, feel free to upvote it.


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