What I Miss in Rider (or not can find)

Hello everyone,

First of all sorry for my bad English.

I use Rider now for a couple of months but I miss a few things or can't find them. I Hope anyone can help me with it. 

- publish asp.net projects like visual studio.
- debugger doesnt show the entire text of the values above an approximate of 40,000 characters.
- aspx designer classes arent automatically updated based on the aspx html pages' runat server elements.
- building a project often doesnt update the .dll and .config files in the bin folder.
- there is no way to reload changed classes after code changes have been made.
- there is no way of opening the browser on starting an asp.net project.
- there is no way of starting multiple projects at once.
- pasting text in a string context doesnt automatically escape characters.


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Hm same here... I'm more keen on seeing WebDeploy

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Yes, I'm also interested in publishing ASP.NET (not core) to IIS with WebDeploy like I do with VS2017. 


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