Designer for Resource Files


Currently the resource designer file must be created by hand to access resoure file content. It would be great that also rider contains an editor like visual studio does for resource files.

Official comment

Hi everyone! 

Please, follow RIDER-3108. We work on it, but there is no ETA. Follow the issue for updates! 

I really like to see this feature with an upcoming release of rider. Its circumstantial to edit the resx files and the code behind file.

It would rather be nice to edit those files visually like visual studio editor offers.


I would also like to see this. I am trying to write a boiler plate project and I would like to have multi culture support.


also would like to see this implemented, 


+1 The resx designer view makes it a lot more simple


Hi! Feel free to watch this issue for updates.


On Windows I found this tool excellent for visually editing resx files. I use it as a standalone application side by side while having rider open.


+1. Keep in mind that this is used for language, images, files. This is one of the few things that makes me open Visual Studio.


There will be a new feature introduced in one of the upcoming releases of Rider. According to Andrew Vasilyevs post there will be a feature called Localization Manager.


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