Navigate to JavaScript Function in WebStorm with Auto Completion


In short:

  • Arbitrary functions outside of a class: make navigating to a function with # able to find functions outside of a JavaScript class, i.e. a JS file with just functions in it.
  • Auto-Complete: Be able to use Navigate File OR Navigate Class and when I use # after the class/file name, have auto-completion/fuzzy search to show available functions like how it works when navigating to the class or file itself -- right now # works but I have to know the exact name of the function

Right now if I go to Navigate Class, I can sort of navigate to a function in that class by using #. For example: for a JS class named Foo with a function named Bar, I can do CTRL+N -> fo#bar and it will take me straight there. However there is no way to do that to find functions in a JS file that are not part of a class. Also, when navigating to a function in a class with #, there is no auto complete, so you have to know the name of the function exactly. It becomes unusable when you have several methods that start with the same thing. For example in ReactJS you could have componentWillMount and componentWillUnmount. If I want to navigate to the Unmount one, I have to type out the name of the function until it's unique, i.e. all the way to the U. There's no auto-complete where I can just type a couple letters and then select the Unmount one. So if you don't know the exact names of the functions it's really useless, and if the function name is long it's obnoxious.


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