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Are there the planing to support the iis (not iis express)?

In Rider 1.0 EAP17, when I start a web application to debugging than the iis express is started.



I agree with this.  I don't like not being able to configure my debugging configurations.  For a .NET Project you can't edit the executable path or the Arguments.  There is no way to use IIS unless you attach it to the w3wp local process, which works, but I would like this to be the option everytime I hit run instead of having to attach it to the process and then detach it from the process, etc..

Also there is no way of choosing a different port for IIS unless I go into the .csproj file and change the IISExpressSSLPort option to something else, which makes no sense because the settings in the applicationhost.config is for http, not https, so why would it be using the SSLPort for http?  There needs to be a way to set up the options for IIS Express, to include the unsecure ports, the SSL ports, or even have the option not to use IIS Express and use a different web server.  

Right now debugging configurations need a lot a work is what I am getting at.


I find that the routes for IIS Express do not match the routes used by IIS such that I have to edit all of the routes when switching between Rider (which uses IIS Express) and Visual Studio (which uses IIS).  I have wasted over 8-hours trying to get this existing project to work in Rider without the need to edit the routes but everything I've tried has failed to work.  So I waste a lot of time every day by first having to launch Visual Studio (which I HATE, by the way) so that I can start my application and log into it, and then I switch to Rider to do my daily editing and development.  The login on the server expires each day so this process must be repeated daily.  It's a huge waste of time and very frustrating.

BTW, the routes used by IIS are in the form "/web/foo" where IIS Express expects just "/foo".  There are about 20 routes per page of my app so this is very time consuming to switch back-and-forth every day.


I added my +1 vote, but does anyone have tips for setting up a debug configuration geared toward running a site in IIS such that I could press CTRL+F5 to start debugging or prompt me to select a w3wp process to attach to?


Hi all! Please watch this issue for updates.


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