Multiple soultions


The project I'm working on has multiple solutions that are built together into one application. One solution for the main framework, and one for each major part of the application.

I would like there to be an option where you can add external/related solutions to the solution you are working on. There could for instance be an "External solution" folder in Riders "Solution exporter" where the external solutions would be listed and it would be possible to navigate, set break points, etc. as if they where part of the main solution.


This is possible now - Settings -> System Settings -> Project Opening -> Open project in new window


No, that is exactly what I want to avoid. I don’t want to have to open multiple instances of Rider. I want all of these solutions to be treated as if they are one. Because they are actually all part of the same application. Opening them in different windows (like I do today in VS) will not let me debug and code in the same window as debugging only can be done from the main solution.


Could you create a new (additional) solution file and add all the appropriate project files? Then just open that solution file.


I'm having the same exact issue. I've been handed several solutions that share namespace and are part of a greater application, yet Rider is unable to work with this. I'm having lots of "red lines" and I can't seem to let the solutions reference each other, or simply import then all into one big solution.


Hi all!

Thanks a lot for your feedback. 

Unfortunately, at the moment, Rider does not support multiple solutions in one Rider instance. Here is an issue. Please, watch it and feel free to vote. 

As a workaround, for debugging multiple projects, you can use a compound run configuration (as described here). But to use that you need to combine your projects in one main solution.

Jonas V Hansen, we would be grateful if you could provide the steps to reproduce the problem and a screenshot of the red code. Please attach it to a new Support Request or a YouTrack issue.


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