Show Filechanges in Editor

My problem explained in one picture:


Top: Default Visual Studio settings - shows modifications in current session, and shows a different color depending on whether the modifications have been saved.

Middle: VisualSVN (plugin) that compares changes with SVN instead of per session modifications.

Bottom: Rider - no indication whatsoever that the lines have been modified.


Ideally, I would like Rider to behave similar to VisualSVN, since it also allows you to do things like reverting a code block to working copy.

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I've been using IntellJ IDEA for a while and I learned to love the visual change markers of the IDE. I'm refering to this feature especially:

Yet I don't know why this feature is not present in Rider, as I thought that Rider is just some kind of derivative from IntelliJ's IDEA IDE.


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