Support for Visual Studio database projects


I work on lot of Visual Studio database projects that holds SQL DB scripts.

There is no way I can open these with Rider or DataGrip. It would be very convenient to load, build and publish these projects to certain database.


Voted this up, because even though I don't need to be able to publish the database project, I do need Rider to at least let me edit the sql files in the project so that I can save them in source control.


Right now I have to manually edit these sql files in Sublime Text.


This is a must and would be a dealbreaker for me and my company, as we work with a lot of databases. Also the sql integration is not out of the box, like it is with Visual studio. For us it really needed to do the Database Jobs (also SAS support) like Visual Studio does.


The ability to load the project and edit the files within would work until greater support can be built for the db projects.


Hello all!

Thanks a lot for contacting us.

We consider this feature to be important and we are working in this direction. 

Please watch this issue for updates and upvote it.



Agreed - this issue is a deal breaker for us as well. Good to see Jetbrains are working on it


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