Xamarin Forms

Hi, do you plan to support Xamarin Forms in the close future?

I would really like to use it for that and not Visual Studio for Mac which is a joke.


Many thanks,Gabriel


Though Rider doesn't have any starter templates for Xamarin.Forms, you can still create the project from visual studio and open it in rider.


Hi there,

I'm also wondering when will it be supported... Visual Studio on Mac is terrible and I won't even bother installing it again since I had Rider. 



Luiz, it is much far from a working solution for that. Doesn't find the Android SDK nor run an iOS app. Also, can't import an Android keystore and so on. It would be great to use only one IDE for development.



I would also love to see Xamarin.Forms implemented in Rider as well as a functioning XAML-Previewer and the running/importing featues, Gabriel is mentioning.




I would love for this to happen as well!

Rider kicks VS Mac in the butt in all areas except Xamarin.Forms. 
Would love to never leave Rider during my day!



Gabrial, there must be something wrong with your configurations. I get autocompletion in my xamarin.forms projects and can even debug both android and iOS at the same time using the builtin compound build setting. 


Luiz, I didn't even have a chance to configure iOS and Android. I had VS for Mac installed before Rider and it works well. I think I can expect from an IDE I pay for to find everything in my disk or offer me a setup window after the installation or before the run.


Gabriel, you shouldn't have to configure anything. It uses VS paths by default so what you are experiencing is a bug. If you want the bug to be fixed i would report it.

Here's what my settings look like:


Ok, what if I don't install VS before Rider? Shouldn't it work itself?

BTW My VS didn't install Android SDK so Rider. It means I didn't have it installed.

The old Xamarin Studio at least installed them.


+1 for Gabriel
Rider should include everything you need to work with Xamarin.Forms.

That includes:

  • Creating a project template for Forms.
  • A working XAML-Previewer (the one in VS is only partial useful)
  • Creating/Importing keystores or iOS profiles
  • Intellisense for Xamarin.Forms in XAML pages



This is a mandatory requirement for me(+ WPF+ Reporting) to purchase Rider.


I purchased rider and love it. I use it mainly for Xamarin.Forms. 

But I too am using the workaround to setup my whole project with Visual Studio and then continue to implement features with rider.

I would also like to have the following:

- Templates for Xamarin Items (Mainly Pages)

- Better UI for controlling the compile options. (Not just a key/value grid).


I hope you continue upgrading and updating this amazing product! Soon I can get rid of the crashing monstrosity that is Visual Studio.

Thanks in advance and much love!


Do you know anything new to this? If the needed things like setupping a project using Rider only (like Rijad pointed out) have been implemented? I have developed until now using plain Java and want to use Xamarin like whatever it is... 


So I'd like to follow up with this.

In order for Rider to be a viable IDE for Xamarin developers, someone needs to put the time and effort into building the correct templates. At minimum we need to be able to 

File > New

  1. ContentPage
  2. ContentView
  3. MasterDetailPage
  4. Tabbedpage

Beyond that, it would be super cool if you could add

File > New

  1. Xamarin.Forms (netstandard 2.0)
  2. Xamarin iOS
  3. Xamarin Android

However the latter is less important since we _can_ create the new project from within VSM or VS2017. But I will say without a doubt, it's super annoying if we need to use those other IDE's just to add new files to the project.


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