Exception catching, viewing and mangement


When I'm debugging a unit test, for example, if there is an exception, the process just unceremoniously dies without a clue as to what happened. 

I found a "break on exception" dialog, but there's no "break on all" or group-based selection, and if I double click on something then there's no indication that anything happened, as nothing appears in the list the next time the popup is shown.

Shouldn't there be an Exceptions tool window (or tab in the debugger) for managing exceptions?
This is one area where I was hoping that Rider could actually out-feature Visual Studio - more options and better smarts about when/what exceptions are caught in different contexts (such as async await chains, etc.), better visualizations...

This seems like a bit of deal-breaker for actual development.


I agree. Uncaught exceptions should always bring up an exception dialog or break at the line where the exception has been thrown, so we can analyse why this exception has occurred from where it had just been thrown.

If you'll provide us at least a simple dialog, please show the InnerException (if present), too as this inner exception mostly provides a more useful explanation and your competitor from Redmond still hasn't figured out that we developers would really benefit from this...


I agree too, it's need.
P.S. Парни вы молодцы, райдер это конфетка =)


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