Key feature missing in Ryder


Please add these essential feature since without that IDE is joke for .net project development.

1. Unable to add reference not such option available.

2. There is no project properties window.

I am using 

Rider 1.0 EAP

Build #RS-163.10479, build on December 19, 2016


I ran into this as well (even with the latest version). 

For me, launching Rider as administrator showed the option. 

It would be really, really nice if developers would grey out options instead of removing them from the UI and show a popup warning why the option was disabled (eg "Not authorized to enumerate the GAC" or whatever). Now you are searching for a project property dialog or menu option and you feel like an idiot not being able to find it. 


I have got a work around of this problem. just remove the .idea folder before reopen the solution if it exists. you will see those options.

Still need to be fixed from root.


I'm having this too. I'm already running as admin and still have the problem. (Specifically, logged in as limited user, running Rider as local admin.) I can't access project properties to change the language level for a project. I hadn't noticed, but yes I seem not to be able to add references either.

I still have to run VS at the same time for other reasons, so I can just do these things from VS instead, but it's still annoying.


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