F# Support


Are there any plans to offer F# support as a core language in addition to C#?

Our projects are primarily data analytics applications with a combination of F# (mostly) and C# code.




Yes, F# support would be appreciated.


F# support could be killer feature, since F# is supported in Visual Studio much poorly then C#


Support F#! It's way better than this bloated C# stuff!


Good opportunity for you guys to lead with F# support!


'just echoing others: F# support would be great!!!!! I think the future of F# is tremendous!



I also agree that F# support would be very nice and appropriate to have. Especially considering the support for the JVM object-functional hybrid language, Scala.


EDIT:  So two things to those coming to this thread after me that I have become aware of:  

1. Apparently there is already a feature request item for this here:  https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-574.  It may be beneficial to register support for this feature there.

2. F# isn't currently officially supported via the .NET Core tooling yet, so I wouldn't be surprised if Jetbrains is waiting until the release of F# 4.1 and .NET core support before tackling this issue much further. 





Rider is great!

Do you plan to extend current f# support?

Would be great to add at least basic refactoring options (rename variable etc)



Yes! I am a user of Resharper && RIder package. But i was disappointed when discover ALLMOST ALL refactoring functions don't work with F# rider!!!!! Please you add support for fsharp refactoring. I think you can be a serous competition for Visual Studio so!!!


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