MSBuild start of the build custom actions


One glaring omission in VS build system is the lack of ability to specify custom actions (or targets) to execute when build starts or finishes (successfully or unsuccessfully). There are pre- and post-build actions for projects, but not for the whole solution. MSBuild provides a workaround through CustomAfterMicrosoftCommonTargets property, but as far as I can tell Rider does not invoke MSBuild on solution file directly, so that workaround does not help in this case. 

Please look into the possibility to let users specify targets to run at solution build start and finish times.

Thank you!



Sorry for the delayed answer, could you please validate the issue again with Rider public eap build.

Also please try the "Use Incremental Build" Rider setting.


I confirm that in the latest EAP the issue is fixed! Great!

I only wonder how to make Rider produce more verbose logs coming from MSBuild? To make sure the right thing happens under the hood I would really like to see Diagnostics level logs from msbuild but I cannot find a way to configure it in Rider.



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