Rename sln file, out solution name is red in Rider solution explorer



today, I have renamed my solution file. Rider display the solution name in red color but I don't find any informations about this.

I changed all reference on old name, but the name is always red


Where to find information on what's wrong?
Is it a Rider bug? Because I noticed that Rider does not propose to rename a solution.



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So, Ok, I'm stupid. It's red colored by git.

It's confusing that a renamed sln file turns red in the git flag.

Normally a renamed file turns blue in the solution explorer.

I think I will submit a bug report because it lacks consistency.




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Yeah, your comment just saved x days of pulling my hair out :) I agree that it is pretty unclear that it turns red.

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Peter Skovgaard

Could you please clarify whether you tried to rename a regular file or a solution file? 

It worth checking your color scheme and there is a chance that you have red color set for "Modified" files.
You can check it in File | Settings | Version Control | File Status Colors

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I renamed a .sln file. But everything is working fine now and it is not red anymore. Thanks for the path though, did not know about that, very handy!


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