Is it possible to point Rider F# interactive (fsi.exe) to custom location?


I am having trouble with fsi.exe installed by Visual Studio and looking to point Rider at F# compiler tools from nuget at custom location. Thank you!



Thanks for the question.

Unfortunately, this is not implemented yet. Here are the corresponding issues:

Could you please describe a problem you have with fsi.exe from VisualStudio?


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Hi Sofya, thank you for your reply. Our team is evaluating rider as it has better F# support and interactive is critical component of dev cycle. It would be nice to have ability to point Rider a specific build of fsi and core library. 

The issue is that interactive does not work on my machine, I can open it, type and send code to interactive, but I do not see output:
It could be specific to my machine configuration, policies, etc, I had issues with fsi and VS Code and solved it by pointing VS Code to another build of FSI.  Another symptom is that Rider waits forever for FSI when exiting:

Here is Rider version I am using:

Please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you!


Denskh, the option to choose another F# Interactive is available in upcoming EAP 8.

If you have FSharp.Compiler.Tools package installed in any project in solution, it'll be chosen automatically.


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