Rider stuck synchronising .NET Framework 4.7 projects using Ubuntu Linux and mono/xbuild



I have some .NET framework projects that i would like to work on from within my linux environment, however, after installing the latest xbuild libraries and referencing them Rider's build settings it gets stuck when loading the solution with the message "Syncing projects" and a perpetually spinning progress bar.

Is my desired scenario supported, and if so, how do I proceed?


Also; there are 3 different xbuild executables I can find, the current one i'm trying is at "/usr/lib/mono/4.5/xbuild.exe" but the results are the same regardless of which one i choose.


Adam Drewery,

I suppose you're using an old Mono because xbuild is deprecated now. .NET Framework 4.7 is supported since 5.4, as far as I know. Please try to install the latest stable mono and point Rider to its MSBuild. If it doesn't help, please collect Rider logs (Help -> Compress log...) and attach it to a new Support Request. Hopefully, we'll be able to sort it out.


Hi Julia,

Thanks for the response. It turns out my Ubuntu distro was out of date and didn't support the latest mono versions. After an upgrade of my distro and the mono libraries i was able to build the project successfully. :)



Thanks for letting me know :)


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