How can I config cache/transient files ( SSD / HDD installation)



I recently replaced my HDD with an SSD for performance reasons.

My primary drive is now an SSD drive  ( which I cloned from an HDD that had Rider on it).

So my boot drive C:\ has rider and the OS installed.

My HDD is D:\ which contains my project / workspace files ( VS sln, etc).

I would like to have all of the temporary and transient files created by Rider & Resharper to point to the D: drive ( since SSD is flash memory it has limited PE cycles).

I've modified the file as follows:


Is this sufficient for both Jetbrains Rider and Jetbrains Resharper.Host executables?

How do I configure Resharper file locations?

Is it possible to turn off caching in Rider? In other words, I always want to start as 'invalidated' ?






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Hello Bruce,

Yes, setting `idea.system.path` is sufficient both for Rider and ReSharper host. As far as I know, it is not possible to turn off the caching completely.

Hope it helps!


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