Switch between Run/Debug tabs via keyboard


When I have two run configurations running (or debugging), I end up with multiple tags in the run (or debug) view.  I can even use the view configuration menu to group them.  I often have both a "Web" and "App" running at the same time.

But how do I switch between them in the run (or debug) view?  The Alt+Left/Alt+Right shortcuts moves between Debugger/Console/DebugOutput.  I want to switch between "Web" and "App".



Thank you for the question.

Alt + Arrow switches tabs in a last focused tab panel.

For example, if you click on a tab in the editor, Alt + arrow will switch editor tabs. 


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But I the debug panel, for example, there are two sets of tabs.

The first set is one tab per running process (e.g. my "Web" project and my "App" project). I can optionally follapse these process tabs into a drop down.

The second set or tabs is for the Debugger, Threads, Console, etc. for whichever process is selected in the first set.

I want to switch the first set - the active process - by keyboard.


Any news one and half year later? I have the same problem.


Hi there,

Implementing this functionality has not been scheduled yet. Please vote for the issue on our tracker: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-47026.


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