Disable file and folder re-ordering in FSPROJs


Hi all,

When I'm working on an F# project with a number of folders, and I add a new folder (or a subfolder), Rider will completely re-organise the files and folders ordering in the FSPROJ file. Files in one folder will get split and then appear in the Solution pane in different folders with the same name.

What you end up with is something like this:

Worse still, F# requires files in the FSPROJ to be in compilation order. When Rider re-organises the folders the project cannot be built - in this case, the project cannot be built because Program.fs requires a file that's listen in the bottom Services folder. Other files will either get shunted to the top of the project, the bottom of the project, or rearranged to some other unwanted ordering.

In other words, adding a sub-folder in Rider means an F# project cannot be compiled.

In order to fix this, I need to manually modify the FSPROJ file to set the correct ordering - which gets broken again after adding another folder or sub-folder.

Is there any way to stop Rider from re-organising the files and folders structure in an FSPROJ? Or if there isn't, is it possible to report this as a bug to be fixed in a future version?

Go raibh maith agat!


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Hi Ciaran,

This issue must be fixed in Rider 2018.3. Could you please try the latest EAP build? If the bug persists, please report it to our tracker. We'd be very grateful for the repro!


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