How to disable zoom level (font size) per file?


I.e. how to just use 1 zoom level for all source files?

Rider apparently uses a separate zoom level / font size for each file.

When I pair-program I usually zoom in a document so the code is better readable for my colleague. However, this results in me having to zoom in in every single file we want to work on. 

This is very cumbersome and for me totally backwards. Why wouldn't Rider use 1 font size / zoom level for all its text editors????




You can customize the font size for all files via "File | Settings | Editor | Color Scheme | Color Scheme Font"


Yes, but then, when I zoom in via CTRL-mouse scroll, then the font size is changed and remembered per file.

And that's not what I expected. I expected the same behaviour as in Visual Studio 2017, i.e. the zoom level is global for all documents.


Unfortunately, it is not possible to increase the font size globally via a mouse/keyboard shortcut. Please upvote the corresponding issues:


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