Debug "Could not evaluate the value" with Unity after upgrade to 2018.3


Sorry for english

Debug in 2018.3 became unstable, sometimes in some methods everything goes well, after some jump over or jump into, it shows "could not evaluate the value". I can view the value correctly in the debug panel. 

2018.2.3 works well.


Hi Borluse,

Could you please enable Debugger trace scenario (Help -> Trace Scenarios (LOGS)), reproduce the issue, and collect the Rider 2018.3 logs after that as described here? Please attach them to a new support request or this bug report. We'll do your best to fix it shortly.




I have the exact same issue when I upgraded to 2018.3, also using unity. Integration is generally rough.

Reinstalled 2018.2 in the meantime


Hi Julia,

I upgraded and tested in 2018.3.1, this bug remains. Have to stay in 2018.2. Please take a look at it. Thanks.


Hi Borluse,

Thanks for letting me know! We'll follow up on YouTrack.


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