Prevent folder upload

I'm making a project in net core with Rider.

I downloaded a template that has an assets folder with a lot of js, css and image files. 

When I use the option to publish to a custom it takes a bit long to upload all the files. I already have them on the server and I don't want to upload them again if I didn't changed anything on them. 

I saw that there is an option to select a folder to exclude it from upload, but when I publish the project it's beeing published appdata/local/temp and the subfolder changes, so I can't choose it.

How can I do it?




Could you please provide more details? What exactly prevents you from using "Excluded paths" functionality?


Maybe there is something I'm doing wrong.

I went to run/debug configurations and added a config to publish to a custom server.

In the remote server I have the configuration to my server:

And in excluded folder I selected both the local folder and the remote folder that I don't want to upload/download:

But when I click on launch, the wwwroot folder always get uploaded.


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