Left click random behaviour with IdeaVim


For example: if my cursor is at 770:35 (line 770, column 35), and I left click the line 668, my "view" on the editor goes to the line 660, but my cursor stays at line 770, but I can't see the cursor anymore because the editor view changed too much.

This is annoying because whenever I left click, my editor "view" moves to a random non-intended location but my cursor stays at the original position and I'm unable to see it. The expected behaviour is to move the cursor where I left clicked and do not change the screen position, or at least change the screen position to the same position as the cursor.

Plugins used:



Visual Studio OSX

I'm running Rider on macOS Mojave

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Hi Marlon,

Perhaps it is caused by this bug is in Code Vision-Vim plugin interaction. Please try to disable Code Vision or set Default position for metrics to "Next to declaration" in Preferences | Editor | Code Vision. If it doesn't help, please attach a screen recording of the bug.


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