Reason for partial rebuild on unchanged Xamarin Android project after each deploy

I have the following problem:

  • When I build my Xamarin Android project twice in a row, everything works as expected. The second build skips all targets and finished quickly.
  • When I press Run or Debug, the same build process happens, quickly skipping all targets. Then the "Select Deployment Target" dialog pops up, where I select an emulator (the same each time). Then the "Install" build target is executed to get the app on the device. This takes quite a while, because it is executing some build targets that were skipped during the build step.
  • When I stop running / debugging and build again, build is slow - it is executing the same build targets that were executed as part of the "Install" target.

Some shared target of the Install / Build tasks is executing with different parameters between these targets, which is causing build artefacts to change, causing a partial rebuild every time one of these targets is executed (i.e. every time I deploy the app), which is of course rather annoying. After going through the diagnostic build logs, the culprit appears to be the `_LinkAssembliesShrink` task, which is triggered because `obj/Debug/build.props` changes. Indeed that file is different between a build and an install.

I would like to know: does anyone know of any way I can prevent this? It would help a lot if a build for a deploy was executed with the same `build.props` parameter as the install target that follows, so the linker doesn't have to execute twice (the linker is slow..). I have no idea how to go about this though. A workaround would of course be to disable the linker, but since this is not an option for our production app I would very much like to have it enabled on Debug as well, because it'll otherwise lead to hard to diagnose bugs that won't show up during the development process.

EDIT: Disabling the linker doesn't actually solve the problem, there's another build target interfering which I've yet to identify...

EDIT 2: It's the `BuildLibraryImportsCache` task, which, again, depends on `obj/Debug/builds.props`. So different problem, same solution, if I manage to find one.

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As it would turn out, there are several other tasks relying on `build.props` that lead to the redundant build steps. The solution really seems to be that `build.props` shouldn't change between a build / install. Checking what happens in VS4Mac, there is indeed no such difference, so this problem doesn't occur. Any ideas / workarounds are very welcome.


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