Debugging on remote docker server


I'm developing on .net core site on Windows while trying to debug it on my small remote development docker server. 

Rider is connected to docker using TCP socket.

While running this app on dev docker server works without a problem I can't run the app in debugging mode. Every time I'm getting error message 

Failed to deploy 'xxx Dockerfile: Dockerfile': com.github.dockerjava.api.exception.InternalServerErrorException: {"message":"invalid volume specification: 'C:\\Users\\xxx\\AppData\\Local\\JetBrains\\Toolbox\\apps\\Rider\\ch-0\\183.5253.26\\lib\\ReSharperHost:/riderDebugger:ro'"}

I have not specified this path anywhere in my configs and I have no idea where is it comming from.

Is there some setting I'm missing? Do I need to install resharper on my dev server?





Right now, only debugging ASP.NET Core web applications on Linux Docker containers is supported. Please upvote this feature request for Windows containers support:


Hi Julia,


Thank you for your response. I forgot to mention that docker server is on linux. 

I am having similar issue while running on linux and using remote docker machine on another linux system. The only difference is that from my linux machine I am getting the same error as in this issue


Hi, I had the same issue with debugging Windows containers on Rider. As a workaround solution I made ssh connection inside my Windows container and set up 'Attach to remote process' feature. So instead of debugging container connect to container like to the remote server


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