c:\Users\[name]\.Rider2018.3\ is 90GB large


I wanted to try out Rider. However, one file c:\Users\[name]\.Rider2018.3\system\caches\content.dat.storageData ended up taking up 88GB of disk space.

Can I reduce the size of this file?



Could you please clarify whether you are working on a Unity project or others (which)?

Also please, collect Rider logs (Help | Compress Logs and Show in ...) and share with us via https://uploads.jetbrains.com ?

Thanks in advance!



I have had two projects opened. One asp.net core project and one asp.net mvc 5 project. No unity projects


I caught a long running background task "Updating Indices". It appears to simply traverse through all directories.

The one solution has a folder with many 1000s images. Could it be that the c:\Users\[name]\.Rider2018.3\system\caches\content.dat.storageData gets so big because these image files are indexed?

If so, can I setup the "Updating Indices" with exclude fires/directory patterns?



Thank you for the information.

You noticed right, that if your project has some directories with many large files, IDE processes them.
If you exclude the directories, then the cache will not be filled with the content of the files. To do that

1. go to the solution explorer,

2. right-click on the folder you want to exclude and then select "Exclude."

4. after that switch to file system explorer and right click  on the same folder

3. select Tools/Stop Index

As a result, there should appear a hint "no index" near the folder name:

Please, let me know about the results.


Thanks Sofia,

is the caching/indexing and exclusion of same similar in resharper? The same solution is rather slow in Visual studio?



Hello Morten,

ReSharper has a different set of options. If it's not necessary for you to have these 1000 images files in solution, then please try to "Exclude From Project" in the context menu in Solution Explorer, in this case, the files won't be indexed by ReSharper.

If you don't have an option to exclude them from a solution, then let's try to look at a performance snapshot to determine what exactly the problem is.

Do I understand correctly that you experience performance problems on the startup? If so, could you please try installing the latest ReSharper 2018.3.2 (if you don't have it installed yet) and collect a snapshot using standalone dotTrace?

Also, do you have now any problems with c:\Users\[name]\.Rider2018.3\system\caches\content.dat.storageData?  Did you try to remove it?

Thank you!


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