Hello Alexey!

We are working on that right now.


Is there any timeline/roadmap? Are you guys planning to bring C# 8 support in 2019.1? What is the date for the EAP? I feel it's pretty quiet regarding Rider regardless whats going on the the .NET Core world. Is there a website where we can track the process of Rider ourself? Thanks, Stef


Hello Stef!

Thank you for the questions!

In 2019.1 we are going to deliver the initial C# 8 support

  • ranges and index from end expressions,
  • null-coalescing assignment,
  • switch expressions,
  • tuple expression in a switch statement,
  • static local functions,
  • etc.

Unfortunately, there is no public resource for tracking the progress of C# 8 implementation in ReSharper/Rider.

About EAP: we are doing our best to fix all stoppers and open EAP this week.

You can track/ping/add tickets in our issue tracker. Here is a web help if you are not familiar with youtrack.


I hope this is helpful.




Hi Sofia,

Thanks a lot for your quick response. I much appreciate it.
Will the 2019.1 EAP release support nullable reference types?
I can’t wait to get the 2019.1 EAP on my Mac.
Thanks again, Stef



Amazing! Thanks again Sofia. I much appreciate for taking the time to answer.

Cheers, Stef


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