How to completely disable automatic detection of naming rules?


According to the documentation, a feature was added in version 2018.3 of Rider such that the IDE will automatically attempt to learn symbol naming rules from existing code when opening a solution. It further states that this can be disabled by unchecking "Use auto-detected values". However, this doesn't appear to actually disable to attempt to learn the naming rules, and is only applicable at the solution level. I would prefer that Rider always use my code style settings unless I explicitly tell it otherwise. I don't want any of this automatic learning business. How do I disable this feature so that Rider won't even make the attempt to learn symbol naming rules?



There is no way to disable naming rules detection globally yet. But this possibility would be added into the future bugFix.

Here is a corresponding [ticket]( to track.


Thank you! Hopefully the feature will get implemented soon. At least I now know why I couldn't find a way to turn the feature off globally.


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