jetbrains rider - bug - scrolls up on click. IdeaVim + Unity

There is this strange behavior I want to stop that is getting in the way of my productivity.

I have an error in the unity Console. I click on the Error. It opens up to the line in Rider. I click on the line. The screen scrolls up.

I believe this has to do with the line position of vim getting out of sync when the editor switches to the new position. The reason I believe this has something to do with the auto-repositioning of the window when you click on space near the top of the editor window.

Do you know a fix for this or how to turn off  the autoscroll?

This interaction is extremely annoying. I can't even click on the variable to find references which would be really valuable considering it's causing an error.

Thanks for the help!

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Anyone else has this? It happens all the time on my machine — very annoying.


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