Why doesn't the javascript editor show me the methods in this code?

I have the following js file content:

Ext.define('Company.constants', {
statics: {
// Constants
Message1: 'blah',
Message2: 'blah',

Ext.define('Company.utils', {
statics: {
// Constants
func1: function () {},
func2: function () {},

Across the board, the JavaScript editor in java based JetBrains products including Rider.Net (I tried IntelliJ, Rider.Net and Webstorm) doesn't show me the names of the functions in the file structure, i.e. it doesn't show func1, func2.

However, Visual Studio 2017 with R# shows me at least the names of the functions in the file structure (though they cannot be ordered alphabetically, or I haven't figured it out how to do it - if it's doable):


How can I make the java based editors to show me the method names?


PS. The code uses the ExtJs 6.6.0 library. Also, I have installed their plug-in in IntellJ IDEA.


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