Why is Rider so slow to load and be ready for user the first time its opened after reboot?


I am using the latest Rider version 2018.3.2 and it takes almost 10 minutes to load and be ready to use after I have rebooted my computer.

On the other Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition version 15.9.6, which is the latest version, takes only a minute to fully load and be ready for use. Resharper extension is enabled in Visual Studio.

Is this long loading time normal for Rider? 



Do I understand correctly that it takes 10 minutes until your solution is loaded? If so, this bug is fixed and the fix will be available in 2018.3.3.


But if you meant splash hanging until Welcome Window is shown, I would ask you to collect profiling snapshots and create a new issue in our tracker. 

To make a snapshot:
1. Open Rider and go to the menu "Help | Edit Custom VM Options"
2. At the end of the opened file add the following:
3. Save and close Rider.
4. Open Rider and Wait until it is ready.
5. After the startup completed close Rider.
6. Check your user's home directory (on Windows: C:\Users\SUNIL). A folder Snapshots should appear with .snapshot file inside.
7. Share this file with us.

Please share idea.log as well (Help | Show Logs in Explorer).


It's actually both. The rectangular purplish splash screen is on for a very long time and then when the IDE opens it takes again very long to load the solution and be ready for development.


Hello Sunil!
Thank you for the information.
Could you please try disabling Android plugin in (File | Settings | Plugins -> Installed tab -> untick "Android Support for Rider") and check if IDE became faster without it?

And the earlier requested information would be helpful.

If you create an issue on youtrack, please leave a link here.


I my case it is taking 10 to 20 seconds, which find slow in comparison to Visual Studio, which takes about 2 or 3 seconds to load.

I disabled all plugins that I do not use, which saved about 1 second. Is there anything else I can do?


I've seen something similar.  I'm on a fast computer (10 core) with a fast SSD (Samsung NVMe 960) on win 10, and after a reboot it'll take rider 15 to 30 seconds for the splash screen to show.  Long enough I wonder if it's going to start, and sometimes I'll click again and end up with duplicate copies.

Once it's started the first time, subsequent loads are much quicker.


I am a potential new customer and after installing Rider I have the same thing.


My system takes 12 seconds (including Bios delay) to boot up, Unity takes about 12 Seconds to startup, Visual Studio about 6 seconds.

Rider Takes over 1 Minute ! (About half way (30s) the bootscreen shows then its an other long wait.

Looking at the task manager it is not the Drive (could not have been as i have a very fast onboard SSD)

its all due to the CPU usage. Not only that but i also notice Microsoft Defender spiking at the same time.

It may be the reason it takes forever to get Rider from starting up.

An other reason may be some Riders decrypting a bunch of data for protecting usage or something.

So not sure if after buying Rider this slow startup will be gone. But I am not willing to try.



@A_Wittenberg: I can tell you that it will not be solved by buying it.


Hi there!

Could you please capture Rider snapshots to profile the startup process?
To do that:
1. Open Rider and go to the menu "Help | Edit Custom VM Options"
2. At the end of the opened file add the following:

for windows/linux


for mac


3. Save and close Rider.
4. Open Rider
5. After the startup completed close Rider.
6. Check your user's home directory (for example on Windows: C:\Users\Sofia.Byzova). A folder Snapshots should appear with .snapshot file inside.
7. Share this file with us via https://uploads.services.jetbrains.com/ and let me know the exact file name.

Also, please clarify your Rider versions.


You forgot a step:  after step 3, you have to reboot to see the behavior.  The second startup is much faster.  Are we seeing JVM VM setup time?

Here's the snapshot info.

File uploaded: robert-rider64.exe-2019-03-22-shutdown.zip.

I’m using jetbrains toolbox on windows, so should have the latest version. Here’s the help dialog box info:

JetBrains Rider 2018.3.3
Build #RD-183.5619.41, built on February 8, 2019
You have a perpetual fallback license for this version
Subscription is active until February 18, 2020
JRE: 1.8.0_152-release-1343-b26 amd64
JVM: OpenJDK 64-Bit Server VM by JetBrains s.r.o

Windows 10 10.0


Good news! I could not test it earlier today because i was not home but it turned out my first remarks where on the spot.

Its Windows defender that is slowing Rider down. I have excluded the Jetbrains folder and rider64.exe process in the Windows defender settings.

So before the exclusion it took (I timed it this time) 1m20.23 seconds

After setting the Windows defender exclusions and a restart Rider now takes 10.34 seconds

To bad there is no price to win as I would have loved to win a free Rider year ;-)


Oh just in case this are my system specs. (Not that it matter much now)


It did speed it up a bit but still way slower then visual studio 2019.. this is windows 10. I love rider on mac though.. and it is quite a bit faster on mac too.


I've been annoyed about this for 18 months, but the Defender Exclusions hint pretty much addresses it.

I mean, it's still slow, but at least it's 10 seconds slow rather than 90 seconds.


It's odd that Rider is now so good at recommending Defender be turned off for project folders, yet neither the app nor JB support are able to recommend or suggest this for the app itself.


Why do we have virus protection if we need to switch it off in case applications become too slow?


Do we trust Jetbrains? I do.

Perhaps Jetbrains could enable Defender on an update, on the first run, and then disable it on subsequent runs?


I added exclusion to Defender. After reboot I got the same result as it was before:

Rider 2019.2 takes 20sec before splash screen and 15 seconds after.

VS 2019. 0 sec before splash screen and ~1 or less after.

The second start:

Rider takes 3 sec before splash screen and 5 after.


It’s not entirely clear to me why it takes so much time to open one dialog with solutions list.



Before adding to the exclusions, after a cold start, Rider takes:

  • 27 seconds to show the splash screen
  • 70 seconds (from click) to show the projects list


After adding to the exclusions, after a cold start, Rider takes:

  • 4 seconds to show the splash screen
  • 15 seconds (from click) to show the projects list


Like you, I have no idea why this takes so long.


In my first attempt, I added only rider64.exe to the exclusions. Now I added the whole folder and got 3 + 7 seconds.


Hi there,

We've supplemented the article "How Antivirus Software Affects Rider's Performance (on Windows)."  Now it contains a full list of what should be added to an anti-virus exclusion list. Please, take a look and try configuring your anti-virus according to that article.

Note that a link mentioned in the comment is no longer available.

If you are still experiencing the performance issue after configuring an exception list, please collect and share profiling information:

1. Invoke Help | Diagnostic | Profile Slow Startup. 

2. Press Change and Restart IDE.

3. After the restart, invoke Help | Diagnostic | Stop CPU Usage Profiling. 

4. Then share a created snapshot. If your snapshot is smaller than 10MB, it's fine to attach directly to a new support ticket or a YouTrack issue. Otherwise, please use https://uploads.services.jetbrains.com/.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.





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