Why is Rider so slow to load and be ready for user the first time its opened after reboot?


I am using the latest Rider version 2018.3.2 and it takes almost 10 minutes to load and be ready to use after I have rebooted my computer.

On the other Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition version 15.9.6, which is the latest version, takes only a minute to fully load and be ready for use. Resharper extension is enabled in Visual Studio.

Is this long loading time normal for Rider? 



Do I understand correctly that it takes 10 minutes until your solution is loaded? If so, this bug is fixed and the fix will be available in 2018.3.3.


But if you meant splash hanging until Welcome Window is shown, I would ask you to collect profiling snapshots and create a new issue in our tracker. 

To make a snapshot:
1. Open Rider and go to the menu "Help | Edit Custom VM Options"
2. At the end of the opened file add the following:
3. Save and close Rider.
4. Open Rider and Wait until it is ready.
5. After the startup completed close Rider.
6. Check your user's home directory (on Windows: C:\Users\SUNIL). A folder Snapshots should appear with .snapshot file inside.
7. Share this file with us.

Please share idea.log as well (Help | Show Logs in Explorer).


It's actually both. The rectangular purplish splash screen is on for a very long time and then when the IDE opens it takes again very long to load the solution and be ready for development.


Hello Sunil!
Thank you for the information.
Could you please try disabling Android plugin in (File | Settings | Plugins -> Installed tab -> untick "Android Support for Rider") and check if IDE became faster without it?

And the earlier requested information would be helpful.

If you create an issue on youtrack, please leave a link here.


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