SOME regions can't be folded, others can


Rider 2018.3.1

Windows 10


I'm having an odd issue where some of my regions can be folded, and some can't.  The one that can't just don't have the gutter icon for folding, and right clicking and choosing to fold folds a level above the region.

Screenshot below.  I had to black out one of the region names but it should still show the issue.


I figured this out.  The class ended before the region did and apparently that was confusing Rider.  By moving the class end brace after the endregion it fixed the issue.


Hello John!
Good catch!
Rider doesn't support intersecting folding regions

This is IntelliJ Platform heritage, we can't overcome without rewriting it.

Fortunately, this is almost never needed, as programming languages form proper brackets sequence with its blocks.


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