Feedback - Rider's Quick Documentation should include a link to MSDN docs for Types/Methods/Classes etc

Currently if I invoke the quick doc on a .NET symbol, Rider will display a popup with some information (assuming there are any). However, for many .NET APIs their inline docs are non existent (for example, most of the LINQ methods have empty docs). Therefore, your only option is to go to MSDN and look for the docs.

it would be nice if the Quick Doc dialog can also include a link to the official MSDN doc for that symbol.

For example:

consider this line of code _someList.Last();

if you invoke the Quick Doc on the Last() method, it will show you nothing about what this method does ( well,  I mean in this case it is quite obvious, but you get the point). However, if you google it , you will find this page from Microsoft docs

so my suggestion is to add a link to the Quick Docs popup so we can quickly navigate to the documentation page for that API.



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