Debug through IIS


We have been waiting from a year to be able to debug a site through IIS (not IIS Express).
This feature is announced regularly for the next version of Rider.
Can you tell us if this will be possible?
It's the only thing that prevents us from buying the product :-(


Thanks for your answer.


Me and many other friends of me which uses VS in parallel, also still waiting for this feature


Hello! Depends on what kind of application are you interested in.

  • You can debug ASP.NET (not Core) application on IIS with Rider already: basically you'll need to configure IIS to host your application as usual, and attach a debugger to w3wp.exe when necessary.
  • IIS support for ASP.NET Core is still in works, you can track these issues: RIDER-20658 (about run/debug) and RIDER-25253 (about attaching the debugger).

Hello Ivan,

In my dreams,

I'll just have to press the debug button, and rider attach to w3wp.exe himself, like visual studio in fact.

Do you think it's possible ?



Lionel, I agree that would be very convenient. Please vote for issue RIDER-27833, we're thinking about exactly that case.


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