How do I link to another file?



I have a txt file in my project which I use as a place to organise my thoughts. It would be massively helpful if I could put clickable links to other files from my project (most importantly unit tests) in it. Is such thing possible?

If it is not then what is the best way to navigate from a piece of code (or specification) to a relevant test?

I'm using NUnit but I can switch to something different.


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You can use

///<seealso cref = "GetSomethingToo" />


///<seealso cref = "AnotherClass.GetSomethingToo" />

to link to another function in the same project, but I don't see a simple way of referring to files in other projects such as unit tests.

Even recognition of filenames with relative paths in comments would be great!

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Hi, S18615

Is this way work for you? 

Hi, Jason! 

Could you please give me a bit more info, in what cases do you want this? In XML documentation? 

Thank you in advance! 


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