My first impressions and feature requests

Hi, I'm currently a VS user and I'm pleasantly surprised to find Rider and I'm thinking about replacing VS.

Here is my quick first impression and at the same time feature requests. I would appreciate if you can support them and I would definitely move over to Rider.


1. Find in Path doesn't select the word under the caret. This is more like a bug to me.

2. Caret sometimes disappears when doing unsplit. I also use Emacs and use split/unsplit a lot but caret sometimes disappears when doing unsplit and I must click on a window to bring it back.

3. Show active window. When you split the window, it's hard to tell which window is active currently. A different indicator to show the selected line under the active caret will be desired. 

Feature request:

1. More search options: I think the consolidated search tool is really the most awesome feature and I wish Rider takes it to the next level. FYI, I use Entrian Search tool on VS and I'll really miss it if I move to Rider. It probably is the best search tool as it supports full indexing based on Elasticsearch engine. Basically, I would like a search option for multiple words; word1 OR word2, word1 AND word2.  I know there is regex search options but search word1 and word2 on regex is not so easy. Anyway, please take a look Entrian Search if you haven't looked at it. It will give you many good ideas.

2. Maximize the text editor option: Windows can be quite cluttered and I would like an option to make just the text editor maximized when editing.

3. Make moving around split window easier: There are options to "Goto next splitter" and "Goto previous splitter" but when you split the window with many horizontal/vertical, moving around is hard. What I would like is to move around the split windows using arrow keys. Please make the command (move to splitter window, right, left, up, down) available and I'll figure out the hotkeys somehow.


I think that's all I can think of right now.

Thank you for such a great tool and I hope it becomes my favorite IDE.


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