Android layout preview doesn't show CoordinatorLayout whereas Android Studio does for the same xml files

Until now I've been editing my Xamarin.Android xml layouts in Android Studio. I had a `resources` folder symlinked to the Android Studio project so that each change in resources was immediately available in Xamarin solution.

In order to edit layouts seamlessly I had to add all the necessary dependencies in gradle etc. but all in all everything worked pretty well.

Recently, I switched again to Rider to check up on latest changes. I am more than happy to see fully working Android layout designer.

However, there are some issues with e.g. `` that is not rendered inside Xamarin solution in Rider. Please take a look at the attached screenshot.

On the bottom left you can see Android Studio with a fragment layout where CoordinatorLayout contents are rendered properly. On the right top there's the same file opened in Rider. Unfortuantely `` is not rendered correctly.

Is there any way to show layout correctly in such cases? I would be more than happy to use just one IDE in my workflow.

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Am also experiencing this in Rider 2020.1.1. Not only do XML elements from outside the core Xamarin.Android library not render in the preview, code completion doesn't work for them or anything nested inside.

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Thank you for reporting the issue, I have created a corresponding record on our tracker: RIDER-44901, please upvote and watch for monitoring the progress. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.


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