Rider Project Name Issue in Solution Explorer

Hello and good day. We have a Visual Studio solution containing a dotnet api and client web project with the following structure:


ABC.Web is a dotnet core api project and the ABC.Web.Client is a Angular CLI project. The problem we are having is in Rider, both projects show up in the Solution Explorer as ABC.Web. This causes a problem and we are unable to perform any refactoring since rider tries to use Presentation\ABC.Web as the refactor root and if I try to manually change ABC.Web to ABC.Web.Client, it will tell me that my directory does not exist when indeed it does.

Visual Studio will load the ABC.Web.Client as a standard website in the solution explorer since there is no csproj file:

Additional Information from the solution file (Guids Removed):

Project("{...}") = "ABC.Web", "Presentation\ABC.Web\ABC.Web.csproj", "{...}"

Project("{...}") = "ABC.Web.Client", "Presentation\ABC.Web.Client\", "{...}"


Any thoughts on how to resolve this issue?

Much appreciated!

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I should have include the project types.





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