Customizing theme for colleague with sight deficiency


We have a colleague with a sight deficiency that uses her laptop with the colours inverted and zoomed in so programs that don't have customizable colour themes, are also more easy to use. Now we're looking into letting her use Rider, but since the UI to change the colour theme is also very visual, it's impossible for her to change it to something she can use. She usually does this by changing a json or xml file for programs, but in the case of Rider it's very difficult to find how that xml is supposed to look like. When we export an existing theme, it only has a few settings in the file, so she doesn't know how to change all the colours from there.

How can we get a complete xml (icls) for her she can change? She doesn't mind spending some time on changing everything this way, since it's impossible for her to do it using the UI.

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Hi Nikki,

Rider provides a color scheme that is designed for users with sight deficiency (the High contrast theme). One can select it in Rider settings: File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance.

Is it an option for your colleague?

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I'm sorry, but no. She needs to invert the colours of her computer to be able to use everything, and even without inverting it the scheme wasn't exactly what she needed...


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