Rider + CLion in one IDE?

Is there any chance that JetBrains will release in near future a Rider + CLion combined IDE?

Resharper and Resharper C++ are (despite the really problematic performance issues it is suffering since years) great products. They bring so much value to Visual Studio that it must be great to directly use Rider and CLion as alternative. JetBrains is heavily working since years on IDEs and knows well how things work. Unfortunatley JetBrains heavily drives the "1 IDE for 1 Language" approach which makes it hard for people who are working with C++ and C# within 1 solution. Parts of our product are written in C++, others are in C#. To bridge the worlds we a also have Managed C++ wrappers for some parts. 

With .net Core 3.0 bringing back the Managed C++ (for Windows) it also becomes also more important to bring the 2 worlds of C++ and C# together and have 1 IDE where you can easily develop on all components of your product.  

I would love to give Rider and CLion a try but not as long as I need to have 2 IDEs with the same solution open to work on 1 project. I also bet many people would feel the same and move rather to a Rider+CLion IDE. VisualStudio is improving, but somehow no comparison to Visual Studio & Resharper/ResharperC++. 

With this said I can just ask again: Any chance that JetBrains will provide a C++/C# combined IDE? 


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This would've been awesome


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