Ignore #region in Fold/Collapse and keep block comments in C#



Using Rider for about a year already I still didn't find a way to setup editor setting properly, to disable methods xml comments

/// <summary>
/// Loads the design items defining which items should be downloaded and initiated (if needed)
/// </summary>

 collapsing on Collapse All or Collapse to Level. It's pretty annoying, because for me would be much more informative to see the whole comment for better understanding what particular method is about.

Very similar case with #region leveling. So, let's say I got #region which unite several methods in level 1 and some methods without region. Usually I wish to collapse to level 1 to see whole list of methods I got, but I see #region unfolded. To fold it I need to select level 2, what will fold another methods, and code will not look so much readable as expected.
Is there any way to exclude #region from a folding/collapse counter? 

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Hi Romans,

Unfortunately, there is no way to ignore document comments when calling Collapse All/Collapse to Level or exclude #region from a folding counter. As a workaround for the latter, you can collapse/expand the region manually with Ctrl -/+.

There is a similar feature request in our tracker, please feel free to upvote it: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RIDER-13184


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