Running Karma/Jasmine unit tests from the editor gutter on an angular project is now executing those tests with protractor after updating to Rider 2019.1.1


I have an angular project with quite a few Jasmine unit tests on it. I have Karma setup to run those unit tests.

With Rider 2018.X.X, I could run/debug those tests directly from the Editor window's gutter, by clicking on the green arrows and selecting Run or Debug. Selecting either Run or Debug would open a tool window with Karma server, and execute the tests as expected.

After updating to Rider 2019.1, the green arrows on the gutter are still available. However, selecting either "Run" or "Debug" will now try to execute those same tests using Protractor, and it fails as expected, as I don't have protractor setup.

Is there a way to tell Rider that it should be using Karma to run tests from the gutter, instead of Protractor?


+1, I have the same issue


the same, really annoying


It is working for me now in with JetBrains Rider 2019.1.2 Build #RD-191.7141.355



This issue seems to fixed in Please try Rider 2019.1.2.


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