Does Rider have search box?


One of the most useful tool in Visual Studio for me is the little search box in the Solution Explorer window which enables you to quickly find a source file among 1000s of files. It kind of surprised me that Rider doesn't have it, though I might be missing something. Maybe there' s an extension that adds the search box?

(I know you can search for files by pressing ctrl+t but I'm just looking for a little cozy search box)

2 years ago it was the lack of code lens that made me not wanting to switch to Rider and now it's the search box. Though, nice work on code lens really. I hope Rider keeps improving.




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Hello, Noa! 

Please, try the following: 

  • click on Solution Explorer to make it focused
  • start typing what you want to find

All matches will be highlighted. Unfortunately, now we can't expand folders and there is no search box. For this, please upvote this issue RIDER-2896 and  related one IDEA-124062

Thank you! 



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