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Been trying to share a set of coding standards across a team and having a real problem in doing so. I would like to be able to have the settings on a repository and then as it updates the rest of the team gets these updates. So far have tried using the settings repo system in rider but this had no luck, and then have been unable to add a settings layer though a URL to the raw .dotsettings file hosted on a gitlab snippet. The raw text can be used to import from URL so it works for a temporty fix, but would be great if as this config updated the teams settings/layers updated as well (what i thought the settings repo was ment to do)


Have read though and followed the instructions on the documentation but was unable to get anything to update (files synced with mine and a co-workers files but when i changed a setting even though there repo updated the setting was never reflected)


Thanks for any help


Same problem :(


The built-in settings sync doesn't work and code-style settings are not synced to a git repository.


Also the git sync requires putting in username and password three times on each attempted update which is beyond maddening.



Hi there!

The Rider uses two different settings engines, directory-based, which was inherited from the IntelliJ Platform, and layer-based - ReSharper settings. The Settings Repository plugin only syncs settings of the directory-based type. And code style settings are a part of a layer-based engine. That is why they are not synced with Settings Repository.
There is another plugin for sharing your settings among your computers: IDE Settings Sync. Since 2019.1 this plugin supports syncing of "This Computer" layer .DotSettings file: But this plugin is more about synchronization between your personal computers as it uses your JetBrains Account.
It is better to use Team-Shared layer for sharing code style settings with a team.

Hope it helps.


Hi Sofia

Unfortunately when I use the IDE settings sync, it keeps resetting my code style configuration to defaults when I open Rider on different machines. It has cost me a lot of time and frustration manually setting them all up again. I really can't face doing it again. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

I am right now literally writing a tool to copy out settings files between machines. I need to sync across four machines, three of which dual boot so essentially 7 total and I just cannot take losing the settings any more. Total despair!


I have multiple projects in their own repositories. I expected I could use the settings repository for sharing settings, code styles etc. between projects. Now I have to copy dot settings files to all repositories and when something changes, I have to do it for all repos. It would be nice if I could share this file between repos.

Angelina Elycheva

Hello Michael Brandt

Do you use the same dotSettings file for different repositories? Is there any parent repository for all of the projects you are working at? In that case dotSettings file could be stored in the parent directory and be reapplied for all child directories.


No unfortunately they are separate repos and I would like to share company code rules among them.

Angelina Elycheva
Hello Michael,

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any workaround at the moment.
But we are working on a new plugin version that will synchronize ReSharper settings as well. I hope we can provide a solution for you in the next year.
Thank you.

is there a possibility to save all C# code styles (Indents, Line Breaks, Wrapping, Naming, etc.) to the .DotSettings file at ones (this file is part of our repo, I used this rider tutorial here for the setup)?
It is currently only possible to save code styles to the .DotSettings file, if there were changed before.

For example if you want the style: Place 'while' on new line to be true (checked), and share this settings with others (via the .DotSettings file) you have to do the following (see attached screenshots):

  • if it is already set to true: first: set it back to false and Save settings, second: open settings again and set it to true and Save for "Solution <Solution-Name> team-shared" (DropDown at save button) 
  • it it is set to false: set it to true and Save for "Solution <Solution-Name> team-shared" (DropDown at save button)

This is very tedious if you need to do this for all C# code styles.

My goal is to share all the code styles with my colleagues. For the initial start I would like to export all my code styles so that everybody can get them via the .DotSettings file automatically. In the next step we would like to adjust this settings together to have our final result.

I hope someone can help me with that :).


Hey Richard Achilles,

Code Style settings might be transferred and applied across your company also using Editor Config settings: 

Using EditorConfig

This is specifically aimed for Code Style. 

Make sure, that Preferences/Settings > Editor > Code Style > Enable EditorConfig support is enabled on all Riders implementing it. You may also export your settings using Export button near the checkbox. 

Please let me know if that helps. 


Hi Anna Morozyuk,
Thanks a lot for your suggestions. We use the mentioned EditorConfig now and it works good so far. The separate Dialoge to adjust the .editorconfig file is very helpful.
Beste regards


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