can't change color settings for C# auto properties


After trying to sync settings for two instances of Rider, my settings got completely messed up on both instances, and while I've been able to fix pretty much everything else, I'm unable to get Rider to treat the { get; set; } auto properties as keywords. Editor > Color Sc heme > Language Defaults > Markup > Tag is set correctly and I can't find any other option that would be useful.

I've also tried using the function call setting but that appears to have inconsistent behavior. Under some themes, I can change it, but there's a 50/50 chance of the changes taking effect.

Please advise...


Nevermind. I fixed it. I just messed with the settings too much and a lot of wires got crossed.

I uninstalled Rider and all of its cache and preferences folders, then reinstalled it from scratch, and carefully re-customized the editor color and font settings. I do feel that the Toolbox sync feature is a bit unstable though.

Hello! Glad to know that you were able to fix it! You are welcome to contact us in case of any questions or problems. Have a nice day :)

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