Step by step guide on how to get my Executeable


Where is my executeable?

And WHY is there no tutorial?

All I want is a simple HelloWorld.exe, but I guess I'll download VisualStudio now.

Your forum posts are 100% unhelpful, mentions settings that aren't there anymore ("go check Build | Publish Solution"  etc. nice joke, that option doesn't exist) and 3/4 of the important stuff is between the lines.


Sad actually because I have a subscription for everything (student) and given how happy I was with IDEA, I thought I'd buy it all next year when I'm done with Uni.

But since I won't use Java much anymore, there's no use in it, given how unsatisfactory Rider is

If its anything like Visual Studio, then it was because I used .NET Framework instead of .NET Code, which results in .dll files instead of an .exe

Also I fully gave up on  building anything bigger with it, due to the significant lack of tutorials anywhere

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Hello, K! 

Sad to hear that you meet with problems ;( 

You might want to know that Rider has some small simple and quick bundled tutorials which can help you to learn features.

I can also suggest you check our old video tutorial for Rider (it could be a bit outdated) and up to time user manual

The Build | Publish Solution function depends on the type of solution that you are working with. Please, give me a bit more details about what you tried to do, what type of project did you create or what was the problem. I'll do my best to help you. 

Thank you in advance! 


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