Jetbrains account settings sync can easily wipe settings inadvertently


When setting up Rider on my laptop I looked into enabling the account settings sync across PCs. Following the guide I enabled sync via the gear in the lower right corner of the IDE. On the new machine as per the guide I did the same, but missed the slight difference in the dialog that should say "Get Settings from Account" and pressed "Enable Sync" thinking it'd be fine.

It very much wasn't fine and instantly overwrote the settings on my main work machine. Destroying my entire carefully configured setup. Keybinds, custom themes, all my plugins, all totally gone in an instant without any confirmation dialog.

Unless I'm missing a way to restore my old local settings, this is a ridiculous oversight and will take hours for me to fix. As I didn't think to export my settings beforehand.

Please save some other poor soul this intense table flipping frustration and make it very obvious when you're about to completely nuke your settings during the first sync. Or better yet back up the original settings before overwriting them instantly.

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Sad to hear that you were meet with such a frustrating problem like this. :( I suppose this will be fixed in the next release: IDEA-182589



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