File Watcher generate .css file but don't refresh browser and don't apply css code


All my colleagues work on Visual Studio (me too before one week), but i switched to Rider. After setup my project i setup file watcher to compile scss to css. But i have weird issue when i change something in my scss file everything compiles to css file, but my page stays the same.Don't get newly created code from css. In Visual Studio we use web compiler and it works great: after any change browser refreshes and get new code. What i need to do to use file watcher like web compiler. I really like Rider and didn't want to go back to Visual Studio.

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Hello Valery,


Sorry for the delay in responding.

Could you please specify details of the file watcher that you've configured.

Possibly you could provide a screenshot of the specified file watcher window?

Thanks in advance.

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This is my file watcher setings.


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